Holding forth on a pet subject is irresistable. You appear to know your subject well but to actually know what you are talking about is a disaster as you may be interesting. Make sure to use examples you have encountered yourself. Use facial contortion to really emphasise your points and watch for the tale-tale signs of disinterest such as watch-checking, counting change and ignoring you completely for the crossword. The Moral Stance is strong a bore-quashing tool but carries a high risk factor as the panic button below reveals. It could be used against you! Be warned.
HIGHLIGHTED TEXT: Any word or phrase which is highlighted should be accompanied by (a) a fist thumped on the bar, (b) a stiff finger poked into the ribs, or (c) a slow, knowing nod with half-closed eyes.

I hate waste don’t you? All those empty cartons strewn in the street. Why do they do it??. If they were at home they would not do it. I bet some live like that you know, have a room where they chuck things and leave it there. I’m very good at recycling. Do you know that everything can be recycled? I have a bag for each. Cans, plastic bottles and ready meal cartons in one and papers in another. Problem is that you should wash them out and get rid of them, but I tend to keep them. It seems to me that we should be recycling for use rather than putting them in a recycle box. Anyway I have 20 identical reusable Tesco quick meal trays and they stack perfectly creating no room. Milk bottles, I have no problem with discarding, but jars are a problem. Washed out, they look great on my top kitchen shelf. I wonder if I can use them for spices or something.  The salads that come with fork are very handy, and perhaps I will remake the salads and use them. Well I have 10 of those and just cannot bring myself to throw them in the plastic recycling bin. And the cans? Well I wash out my tins and have no compunction about discarding them and that budget tin of carrots you bought years ago, still at the back of your cupboard. Well, get rid of it and give the contents to you dog. Don’t waste it. So I will send my thoughourly washed. ready meal trays, back to Tesco in a bid to get them reused. If you must recycle, reuse the container. Surely this is the way.
 Do you know the energy it takes to clean a waste product? Assuming you have hot water, already that is. I would suggest it is probably not worth it. Put it all in one area and let nature take its course and then one day in years to come future finders may find a host of artefacts that will lead them to know how life was today. The best way of recycling is of course composting but composting of plastics and metal takes a long time. So what, we have eternity!
What I don’t like is others not doing it. Anyway, is it best to recycle or leave it as a product that will be dug up in years to come? Who knows all that plastic may one day be converted back to oil. What do you think?