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It was a lovely sunny day at The Wetland Centre, without the biting cold of the previous few weeks. Spring was definitly in the air as I was welcomed by a cheerful singing Robin:

My first Spring flowers of the year were also out:

These Mute Swans were displaying, and seemed to be collecting nest material:

A pair of Greylag Geese were also present:
Greylag Goose

The ducks are in their best breeding plumage – this Gadwall is wearing his best herringbone suit. Thirty years ago I would have had to travel miles to see a Gadwall, now they seem to be everywhere:

The Shoveller gets its name from its shovel shaped bill which it uses to find food in soft mud:

Most female ducks can look dull and uninteresting from a distance, but this female Shoveller is actually very pretty:
Shoveller (f)

The clouds closed in later on, but you could still make out the distinctive silhouette of the Cormorant:

I was surprised to see this, the aptly named Turkey-tail Bracket Fungi - usually an Autumn sight:

And finally, one I missed out from an earlier visit to Rainham Marshes – a Pied Wagtail:
Pied Wagtail

  All Photographs © Brian Price except where stated