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The first really sunny day for a while, so a visit to Rye Meads RSPB reserve was in order.
The first birds were two hen pheasants, showing the wide variation in plumage:

Another duck in breeding plumage, this time a Shelduck:

Black-headed Gulls are now getting their black heads, although they are actually a dark chocolate-brown colour. I suppose calling them Dark-chocolate-brown-coloured Gulls would be going a bit too far:
Black-headed Gull

Even Gulls have their mating displays:

Two of my favourite birds – a Little Grebe, and a Long-tailed Tit just getting the pink blush to its breast:
Little Grebe
Long-tailed Tit

And finally, the obligatory cute shot of a Robin:

Once again, my thanks to the members of the Wild About Britain Forum for their help with identification.
  All Photographs © Brian Price except where stated