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It was a beautiful sunny day at Rainham , with just an occasional cool breeze. Birds were singing everywhere, the main culprits were Blackcaps and Reed Warblers, and there was also a very loud Cuckoo, which I was lucky enough to see, but not photograph – other ‘ones who got away’ were a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly and a Grass Snake. I got the impression that this Spring is more ‘alive’ with wildlife than the last few years have been, but that could just have been the Sun! Some birds were easy to photograph as the leaves have not yet grown on the trees, and they posed everywhere while singing.
This is a Common Whitethroat, just returned from Africa:
Common Whitethroat

The Sedge Warbler has a distinctive broad white stripe above the eye, and has a noisy (but un-musical) song:
Sedge Warbler

Wheatears are very handsome migrants who pass through Southern England on the way to their nesting sites in the Northern Wilds:


This Grey Heron is on the lookout for frogs as well as fish:
Grey Heron
There were insects everywhere, but rather more difficult to photograph. This Cheronimid (non-biting) Midge uses its huge antennae to detect pheromones given off by the females:
Chironomus aprilinus (?)

Bumblebees were busy everywhere:
Buff-tailed Bumblebee

as were hoverflies:
Helophilus pendulus

Bee-flies are obviously doing very well this year:

Finally two more Spring flowers:
White Dead-nettle
Ground Ivy

Once again, my thanks to the members of the Wild About Britain Forum for their help with identification.
  All Photographs © Brian Price except where stated