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Another lovely day a Rye Meads - mostly sunny but with the odd cloud to keep the temperature down. The high spot was when someone pointed out a Water Vole - very rare in the country, but flourishing in nature reserves. They are much larger than other voles, but still very cute:
Water Vole

I was lucky to get a good view of one - this is normally all you see:

Butterflies are doing really well for once - the male Common Blue underwing has a series of orange marks, missing in the very similar Holly Blue
Common Blue (male)

Male Small Whites have a single spot on each wing - the females have two. The second brood of the summer are also more heavily marked than the first brood.

Small White (male)

Green-viened Whites usually rest with the wings closed to off their distinctive viens:

Green-veined White

The large Mother-of-Pearl moth has an irridescent covering to its wings, as its name suggests:

Mother-of-Pearl Leuroptya ruralis

This imposing 'Wasp' is actually a Sawfly:
Figwort Sawfly Tenthredo scrophulariae

Hoverflies are great to photograph, they seem to choose the more photogenic flowers::
Syrphus ribesii

Not many birds to photograph, just a distant Green Sandpiper and a proud mother with her growing-up family:
Green Sandpiper

Finally the flowers:
Pink Water-lily

Himalayan Balsam has a strange smell, and some of the stands were over ten feet tall:
Himalayan Balsam

In contrast, the Water Chickweed is tiny:
Water Chickweed

Once again, my thanks to the members of the Wild About Britain Forum for their help with identification.
  All Photographs © Brian Price except where stated