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Monday was an unexpectantly sunny day, so a visit to The London Wetland Centre was in order. It was a lovely crisp quiet morning - there are no school visits to the ce3ntre on Mondays. I know school visits are popular and important to encourage kids to appreciate wildlife, but I still enjoy the reserve on Mondays!
There is always something new to see, even with common birds - I've never seen Black-headed Gulls acting like mini-gannets and diving for food:
Black-headed Gull

There were no rare birds within camera range, so it was down to the usual photogenic suspects:

Moorhen (juvenile)
Mute Swan
Little Grebe

The only insect was this huge beetle, known as The Devil's Coach-horse:

Ocypus olens

This large mushroom looked had a metallic finish, it looked like beaten copper in the sunshine:

Finally, a view of the Wetland Centre in the sunshine - CLICK HERE for a scrolling panorama view:

  All Photographs © Brian Price except where stated